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Youngest of Elders

ASL EP cassette tape


Image of ASL EP cassette tape

Limited edition cassette version of ASL EP, in cooperation with Custom Made Music. Only 25 made.
Side A
1. Before Beauty
2. Inebriate
3. 98029 Blues

Side B
1. Before Beauty (live acoustic)
2. Inebriate (live acoustic)
3. 98029 Blues (live acoustic)

Jesse Gale - vocals, guitars, bass.
Josh Bacich - drums.
Rob Marshall - bass.

Live songs recorded at Stork Club, Oakland CA on 9/30/15.

Written by Jesse Gale.
Produced, arranged, and engineered by Jesse Gale and Rob Marshall & Nic Gracia.
Mixed and mastered by Rob Marshall.
Digital download available at:

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